01 May 2010

BBCU Meeting 28 April 2010

The feedback from our meeting this week has been very good.
Our networking meeting - Banking, getting back to business was a great opportunity to hear from people about what is happening in the banking sector in Ukraine.
Unfortunately, these days most bankers are not so eager to be speakers at events as they are tended to be regarded as prime suspects/public enemy number one, for many ills in society.
This was our first meeting at the new Intercontinental Hotel in Kyiv and the panorama view provided on the top floor is probably the best view you can get of Kyiv. Our new 'style' of meeting was also introduced, where people remain standing for the short speeches provided by members and guests. The new format allowed people to get talking and meet more new contacts than before.
However, I will have to drop a note to the management of the hotel as is usual in Ukraine, the staff in hotels still forget to understand how important the customer really is. We may continue to have more meetings at this hotel, if we can get things better.

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