25 May 2010

Closer co-operation with the EU

Ukraine’s parliament is to adopt a legislation package for closer cooperation with EU
In June the Ukraine parliament is to pass a legislation package necessary for launching a free trade zone with the European Union and start visas liberalisation process, President Yanukovych told Ukraine’s leading TV channels.

“We have a cooperation plan with the European Union for 2010 and we are fulfilling it. First of all we are working towards liberalization of visa procedures which would result in visa-free zone between Ukraine and Europe. Secondly, we are aimed at free trade zone with Europe. In June the parliament is going to pass a legislation package that would give us a green light for more substantial negotiations with the European Union” – Yanukovych said.

This will be interesting. If it works, it will be a great result for Ukraine.
Moreover, it could open the door for more EU based companies to enter and serve Ukraine markets. I just hope the government will not create too many barriers.
If the visa situation is agreed it will be a very big step. Lets think positive.

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