31 May 2010

Kyiv Day & Amway

An interesting weekend in Kyiv city centre. Celebrating Kyiv Day was spread across both days where the city was invaded on Saturday,firstly by cyclists. I swear I have never seen so many cyclists in one place. Secondly followed by motorcycles. Some of the very best bikes I have seen. It gave riders and passangers a great opportunity to show off at the weekend riding their bikes down the main street of the city. How on earth can people get the impression that Ukraine is a very poor country?

Sunday.The street is full of thousands of walkers and runners, but this year with a noticable difference. All wearing T-shirts provided by the sponsor AMWAY. Moreover, many groups of walkers were 'chanting' the words Amway...Amway...Amway. Which indicates that many of these volunteers were probably Amway Distributors.
I just wonder if Ukrainian people understand what AMWAY stands for and how funny it sounded to foreign people hearing the Amway..Amway chant?

AMWAY......(The Amercian Way) is well known to AMWAY people and in some parts of the world Amway is more of a religion than just a business opportunity.
But lets face it. I take my hat off to those Amway people, who have proved it can be a success in Ukraine also. Well done.

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