27 May 2010

Doing Business in Ukraine - BBCU Meeting 26 May

Last night we held another successful BBCU networking meeting at the Opera Hotel in Kyiv. My thanks to Benoit Kuborn the Hotel Manager for providing an outstanding service for our meeting. Our speakers included Clive Hunter-Dunne from Energy Capital, Peter Burningham from Clarus Europe, Vasiliy Artazey from Ukrmoto Group and Irina Neduzha from Intercomp Global Services.

The good news is that the majority of people at the meeting shared our positive enthusiasm about doing business in Ukraine for 2010 and beyond.
We still have too much corruption in government, to much red tape and too many rules and regulations, but one thing for sure is that there is never a dull moment in Ukraine. Opportunities need to be taken when they arise.

Its very interesting that the Opera Hotel is enjoying a near 90 percent occupancy rate these days. Not bad when you consider its a 5 star and one of the most expensive hotels in Ukraine (maybe in Europe.The service provided by the hotel staff is just outstanding and a great example to others in Kyiv. I think we will have many more meetings there.

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