12 May 2010

Conservatives return to Government in the UK

After a very interesting day in British politics, the Conservatives have returned to power in the United Kingdom, although in a coalition with the Liberal Democratics.

This can only be good for the British economy and very good for British companies around the world.

13 years of socialism are now over. Perhaps we can start to put the GREAT back into BRITAIN once more. The Labour party will be back where they feel most comfortable, in opposition.

Lets hope we can start to see a refreshed and more confident United Kingdom emerging during the next few years. Lets hope we see a country where people feel they can actually express their fears and concerns openly and without redress by any politically correct groups under the previous direction of socialism.
Lets hope that British people can stand up and be proud once again to be BRITISH.

See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOG6jzcjoZM

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