06 May 2010

Thursday 6th May 2010 - Decision Day

British citizens will go to the polls today to exercise their democratic right to decide which political party will form a government to lead the country during the next five years. I hope that we do not see a hung parliament. I hope that we see a Conservative government back in power. After the election when the dust has settled, I am sure we will hear from the LibDems about the unfairness of the British political system.. Even if the Conservatives gain (for example) 51% of the vote and Labour 29% and LibDems 20% this would demonstrate that 49% of the people did not vote for the winning side, but they would have no say in government. The first past the post system could be considered unfair. But what Britain needs right now, like most other countries also need, is strong and clear leadership in government.

Like many of my friends, I hope that we can soon put the GREAT back into Britain
I am still very proud to be British and I will always support my country, provided I and others can see common sense prevailing. We await the result with great interest.

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