26 November 2010

Celebrating the British Community in Ukraine

Yesterday the BBCU held a meeting to 'celebrate' the Brits in Ukraine.
Members and a few select guests came to hear presentations and short speeches from 'Brits' who live and work in Ukraine.
The evening was a great success and I still find it amazing when people come and thank me and tell me how they enjoy listening to British people talk. One of our special guests told me "I admire how you British people always see things in a positive way and turn everything into a joke".
I know what he means, I was reminded of that popular phrase that we Brits used many years ago "Mustn't grumble'.

We heard from Martin Nunn - Chief Executive of Whites Communications. Martin gave an excellent presentation 'The reality of Ukraine today'. We were all reminded on how far Ukraine still needs to go to catch up with the rest of Europe but at the same time offers many opportunities.

Glyn Thomas - Amstar Europe, shared with us his thoughts 'The glass is half full' and reminded us about the usual images of England and went on to share a few frustration regarding planning permissions in Ukraine. Peter Burningham told us about 'My life in Kyiv' and shared a very positive outlook on living and working in Ukraine. We would be suprised if Peter and his wife would ever want to leave Ukraine. Jason Crosswaite - Working on the Kyiv airport project, told us why he lives and works in Ukraine although he's only been here a couple of years.
Tony Wood entertained us about how he came to Ukraine from Russia after being impressed by the Orange Revolution back in 2004/5

Interesting that Glyn Thomas reminded us that 'There is no British community' in Ukraine.
What he means is that we do not all live together, we do not all meet together and there are many British people who live here who just do not want to be part of any 'community'.

But once you get to know the Brits who are active in Ukraine and lets face it most are in Kyiv city, you will be entertained and interested by the stories they have to tell you.
Kyiv city really is a 'small village' as the majority of British people living here know each other.

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