16 November 2010

Ukraine President sacks the Mayor of Kyiv……sort of

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has sacked the head of Kyiv's city government, Leonid Chernovetsky, the president's office said on Tuesday.

The president's decree named his ally Oleksander Popov as the capital's new chief executive, but gave no reason.

Yanukovich has been consolidating power since his election in February and Chernovetsky, 58, has in the past sided with former president Viktor Yushchenko, Yanukovych's opponent.

Chernovetsky has run the city of 3 million since 2006 and made headlines by releasing music videos, suggesting that business leaders pay to meet him and saying he would travel into space with his cat.

Chernovetsky had a controlling stake in the Ukrainian bank Pravex until 2008, when Italy's Intesa SanPaolo bought the bank for $750 million.

In line with Ukrainian legislation, Chernovetsky retains the post of the head of Kyiv city council. The Kyiv government has three Eurobonds outstanding, worth a total of $700 million.

(Above from the Kyiv Post)

Just like the Russian President fired the Mayor of Moscow recently, now the same happens here. What next many people begin to wonder?
At least the Mayor of Kyiv was elected by the people.
But the government claims he is STILL the peoples Mayor of Kyiv
The plot gets thicker in Ukraine.

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