19 November 2010

Is there any other way?

The world wide crisis has certainly taken its toll on a great many countries around the world.
In fact you could say have any countries NOT been affected by the downturn in business?.

You would think that in 2010 a few of the so called 'developed economies' would be seeing signs of recovery and optimism. But there are few signs showing recovery. Oh, there will be a few governements claiming an increase in GDP this year, but if you asked the average citizen in the street in one of these countries they would still be complaining about the state of the economy.

Maybe its going to take a long time to recover from the crisis. Period. In the 21st century most of us thought that 'by now' we should all be enjoying life and that we should have 'sorted' all these blips in the economies of our countries. What happened? Every country is struggling right now (or are they? is there some secret country tucked away where all the people are happy?)

The British are becoming the world leaders at complaining, yet this week we had Lord Young telling us that 'We have never had it so good" (Ok he is getting on a bit). He was referring to the low interest rates that people should be enjoying and their low mortgage repayments etc.

In Ukraine it's probably much WORSE than we know, as this country has a great tradition of not telling people what is really going on. Plus the country does not have a media that is use to telling it like it is or investigating things in detail (The journalists are usually too afraid).

So, as winter is approaching the question is.....is Christmas going to be a happy one. Perhaps the New Year is definitely something to look forward to. Oh yes, next year is going to be much better.
Is there any other way?

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