21 November 2010

The Future of the Euro zone

Foreign British Secretary William Hague sparked a diplomatic row yesterday by suggesting that the Irish debt crisis could lead to the total disintegration of the euro.

Asked if he thought that Ireland’s crippled banks could cause the collapse of the EU currency, the Foreign Secretary gave a chilling two-word answer: ‘Who knows?

It is so interesting to read the 'readers comments', one of the great advantages of newspapers on-line:

Collapse of the Euro, if it happens it'll be the best news I've heard in ages. Then all we need is for the EU to go belly up and we'll be quids in.

The collapse of the euro today, the collapse of the eu tomorrow - best thing that could ever happen!

At last somebody with some sense,. Anyone can see the Euro is bringing down all those Countries that deal in it. Why do they not admit it has failed and everybody go back to there own Currencies and deal with there own finances. We never had this problem before. And now they will give the Irsh a bail out at a price that will hurt them .

I would personally like to see the Euro fail and take the EU down with it, as none of our politicians have the cojones to ask the general public if we want to be in the undemocratic and failing EUSSR

No British Government, has ever been given Consent either to join the EU, or to import Millions of Foreign Nationals.

Go William Go, lets do all we can as a country to make damn sure the wretched currency fails and all the EUSSR states with it!

Bring it on, we can get back our borders, our laws, our rights, we can ditch the YUMAN wrongs act, my God we can fly the Union Jack and not be sued, we can have a BRITSH ONLY pasport, and perhaps, only perhaps start to feel British again.

Whoo hooo lets go Willy!

Read all here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1331518/William-Hague-doubts-survival-euro-Irish-bailout-talks-continue.html

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