16 November 2010

From a different angle........

I usually stay late in the office. I am always the last to leave. Call me a workaholic or whatever it's a sad practice I started many years ago.
Anyhow, tonight I decided to do something I have not done before. I opened a bottle of wine (ah..I have done that many times before), but I then decided to sit in my assistants chair at her desk. I do not know why but I just did.

I began to see how things look from her perspective. Many notes, stickers, reminders, calenders just to make sure the 'pain the the arse' (aka me) was taken care of and he was reminded about things in a timely manner. But I also saw how things look from where she sits each and everyday.
Looking at my personal bookshelf everyday for example and the 'crap' that I have collected over the years. Maybe also seeing the books that are considered 'current' in my life, but maybe not.
I began to see how she may see things that I do not see everyday. Photos of my daughters, old knicknacks, books, small 'British flags' and lots of garbage that probably represents "ME".

I started to wonder "Is this what she thinks of me?". I then went to look at some of the books on the shelves in front of her desk. The books I found include:
1. A dictionary of Idioms
2. Russian Phrasebook
3. The little book of lager (don't ask)
4. Sagittarious (Sun sign guides)
5. The little book of curry
6. The Gospel of John
7. You don't need experience if you've got attitude.
8. A simple guide to Russian
9. Control stress and stop worrying.
10. Winning Words - Quotations to Uplift, Inspire, Motivate and Delight
11. Conducting Business in Ukraine
12. New Testament and Psalms
13. One of those secure wooden books, I bought in Sri Lanka, that is designed to hide money, but very difficult to open and looks like a normal book and probably has some money inside

There are also lots of ornaments on the book shelf like "The worlds greatest dad"from my kids, plus one of those 'Thirst Aid' helmets that you win for being the fastest drinker in one of those pub competitions for drinking a lot of beer faster than anyone else. Sad but true. Plus lots of other crap. I began to think "This is how she sees me" and maybe "This is how other people see me".

Lesson: Be careful what you keep on your office bookshelves if anything. It sends out a message who you are.

Book shelf needs to be replenished tomorrow.

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