01 November 2010

Ukraine Local Elections - Observations

It would appear that the turnout in most of the regions has been very low.
Electoral commissions have been quick to point out that 'everything has gone smoothly'.
The Council of Europe observers even reported: "In general the elections were conducted in a calm and peaceful atmosphere,".

However local observer groups like OPORA are reported to claim: "There have been so many violations that we cannot say that it was democratic, fair and open,".

No suprises that the Party of the Regions (POR) claim to have done well and are happy with the results. Lets be honest...IS ANYONE in Ukraine suprised that the POR did well?
It was a given from the start. The jokes circulating in Kyiv include: "I didn't vote, I didn't even leave the apartment, but I bet the POR managed to get my vote some how".

We all wait the official results with a little interest. APATHY is the word I would apply to these elections. People were just not so interested. Very sad, but that's democracy for you or....mmmnnn is it?

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