18 November 2010

Leopards - Spots - Never Change

I am usually a very positive person. I always try to think positive and see the bright side of life. But recent events in Ukraine are making this difficult to maintain. Ukrainains are protesting outside parliament about the new 'tax code' which has just been approved by a majority in the parliament today. The next step is to wait for the sign off by the President.

Many...no ALMOST ALL Ukrainians will tell you they do not like paying taxes purely because 'they will steal it'. They are referring to their own government and how many people in government will find ways of diverting money to projects and schemes that will be of personal benefit to themselves and or their families.

So, at a time when people are discussing the impact of the new tax code in Ukraine a story hits the headlines about a case of 'they ARE stealing it'. (Although it has not appeared in the English language media yet. Here it is:

The Klyuyev brothers are well known business people in Ukraine. Andriy Klyuyev is currently - First Deputy Prime Minister.
Step forward the well known and trusted 'Ukrainska Pravda' (Ukrainian Truth) web site. They claim and show documents to support their findings that Klyuyev has been involved during the past few weeks in making sure that USD 370 million in 'State Subsidies' were allocated to TWO companies owned by 'offshore companies' but later found to be controlled by the Klyuyev brothers. The full story can be seen here in Ukrainian (But using Google Translate will help):

Lets see what happens during the next few weeks if anything concerning this story.
This is Ukraine and reporters tend to disappear when investigations like this are announced.

How on earth can ANYONE stay positive about Ukraine when this kind of theft continues within the government. But then again, I am sure they will claim everything is 'normal' and nothing is illegal. .......Sigh.

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