17 November 2010

Ukraine & EU - Summit 22 November 2010

Next week the President of Ukraine will meet with some of the EU Leaders to discuss among many things the proposed DFTA (Deep Free Trade Agreement) between Ukraine and the EU. Plus the possibility of visa free travel for Ukrainians across the EU.

Questions I think people should be asking about Ukraine and the EU:

1. Does the EU….REALLY want Ukraine to be part of the club?
2. Do they REALLY want to offer visa free travel to Ukrainian citizens?
3. Do the Ukrainians REALLY understand the big opportunity this offers them
(Deep Free Trade Agreement)?
4. When will the EU have its accounts signed off by the auditors?
Until such time do not lecture any other countries or zones about corruption.
5. Why would Ukraine REALLY want to get involved in all these new ideas about ‘The Rule of Law’ etc?
6. If one day the EU finally says to Ukraine “Sorry but we do not want you”,
Do people REALLY think Ukraine would be upset and worried about this?

Politics is such a big game.

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