22 October 2010

BBCU Meeting 21 October 2010 - Visa's

We held a very successful BBCU meeting last night here in Kyiv.
It was a special meeting to discuss - 'UK Immigration Law & Visa's'
Our guest speakers from London law firm - Davidson Morris, were Anne Morris and Adam Hoefel.
Anne provided an excellent presentation to bring everyone up to date with the latest and proposed further changes in UK Immigration legislation and the new 'Tier' system of Visa's for entry into the UK for Non-EU citizens.

I was not suprised when Anne informed us that the main reason for visa rejections by the FCO/UK Visas was due to the simple fact that the applicants failed to provide enough information in the Visa application process. Even 'professional people' were guilty of failing to provide the required basic information.

What did suprise me is that even in our audience there were not so many people who know about the VIP service for Visa Applicants, nor did people know much about the many different types of Visas that can be obtained. Far too many people just apply for the normal 'Tourist Visa' even when going on a long term business trip.

As expected we had many questions from our members and guests on a whole range of issues.
The new 'English Language Ability' condition to be introduced for those seeking settlement in the UK is going to be interesting as we hear that it could already be the subject of a Human Rights case.

The BBCU can only provide advice/help/assistance on Visa matters to BBCU MEMBERS, we cannot provide a free advice service to anyone seeking a visa...sorry.

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