29 October 2010

My word is my bond

This week I attended a special meeting at the Belgravia Business Club in Kyiv.
The VIP guest was Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine, plus a clutch of invited ambassadors and other interesting characters.

It was refreshing to hear Leonid Kravchuk talk about the importance of 'Gentlemens Agreements'. Quote:"We can have all the business laws you need but the most important thing is that people do what they agreed to do."

Many people talked about the good example provided by 'Gentlemens Clubs' in London.
(The two Brits present could not help but smile...as we were thinking about another kind of 'Gentlemens Club')

But its good to hear that many people still regard the UK as a place where we provide good examples of how to do things correctly both in business and in everyday life.
Like most of the people present at the meeting, I can only hope that Belgravia Business Club attracts members who are honest and can provide leadership examples in how to do business in Ukraine.

The British Business Club will soon be announcing a special offer to help BBCU members take part in the Belgravia Club.

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