29 October 2010

How Many more Irish pubs do we need in Kyiv?

Not one for being negative about business, but how many more Irish Pubs do we need in Kyiv?
We now have:

O'Briens Pub
Golden Gate Pub
Lucky Pub
O'Connors Pub
Rosey O'Gradys Pub
Belfast Pub

Plus I'm sure there is another one on the left bank of the river.
I suppose its a sign of the times, when they are all still busy and making money from providing good service. Whatever happened to that great place called a "British Pub'?
Replies encouraged.


Sergiy Nedzelskyy said...

For me the question is not how many pubs do we need but what kind of service do we have there is more important. I'm not very finicky person, give me a pint, show me a good football game and spare me from noisy drunken yobs if you can - this is my idea of good Saturday evening. Last night I went to Golden Gate as usual to see Barclays League games. Only two costumers were inside. I asked a girl if there is any chance for Rovers - Chelsea match or something, she said "no"... Why? - 'cause we have no game today on telly, sorry..." Isn't it strange? Went for O'brien's, asked girl for the same. She asked - which channel is showing it? How could I know? She was so annoyed by my asking that she tried two times, found me a Rugby game and went off. Lovely... I really was polite and friendly but I was very very surprised by all that. I've stopped going to Belfast pub a few yeas ago for the same reason. And I wouldn't mind to found another place. Still have some hope for Golden Gate, maybe it was just bad day...

All the Best!

Gerald Bowers said...

Try the Lucky Pub. The service is very good and they always have football on TV.
(13 Chervonoarmiyska Street)
Tel: Kyiv 499 13 13

Anonymous said...

I always go to O`Brian`s to watch Barclays games. However I stopped ordering food and drinks there when the waitress told the table next to me, that the building and the kitchen had rats. I dont know whether it was some kind of a joke or not, but it certainly wasnt funny!