29 October 2010

When will Common Sense Return?

We hear a lot of talk about how our two countries like to work together.
But this week I again witnessed a situation where fear and 'PCness' (Maybe I have invented a new word)stopped things from happening in the normal way.
I will not name any one but here is the scene.

I introduce a Ukraine Government Minister to a representative of the British Embassy.
Ukraine Government Minister says he intends to visit the UK and asks if same representative can provide help in making an application for a Visa?

Common Sense you might think? Maybe I have lived in Ukraine too long because I also think its a practical way to approach the situation. But representatives from my own embassy are not allowed to provide 'help' or 'advice' to people who are looking to make application for a visa. Knowing this I stepped in and explained to the Minister, that it was not possible. But we the BBCU would be happy to help. It was an easy escape for my freind from the British Embassy.
Its a well known fact that British Embassy employees and even UK Visa/UKBA staff are just not allowed to provide any help to people making a visa application.

Its a crazy world. I cannot help but think that if this Government Minister had approached a member of another embassy based in Kyiv, he may have received a very different reception which would have started to a warmer relationship with that country.

Maybe I miss the old days when just about everything was based on good old common sense.

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