12 October 2010

Why Can't Common Sense Prevail?

On my recent visit to London I decided to fly with Wizzair, the only low cost operator between Kyiv and London (Luton). On the oubound flight from Kyiv to London I carried just two small bags (one bag for clothes and one small briefcase) but no luggage to check in. I always try to travel light to avoid long queues at baggage reclaim. So no problems, check-in was easy and my bags all weighed less than 10kgs as per the requirements of Wizzair.

On the return journey, London Luton to Kyiv, I was suprised on the different check in 'rules' applied by Luton Airport. i.e 'Only one item can be carried on board as hand luggage'.
The check-in girl tells me "You must check-in your other bag and pay the GBP 26 extra" "otherwise you will be sent back by the secuity staff". What choice do I have?

Question? "Why does an airline operator have different rules at different airports? Or are the rules determined by the airport?" Second Question? "Why am I penalised for carrying a second bag even though the two bags together still weight less than the 10kgs carry on allowance?"

More important question "Why don't airline operators weigh ME, surely I weigh MORE than the two bags together and maybe as a result of my trip to London I am returning some few kgs overweight after all the food I consumed in the city?"

Surely, the easiest way of determining how much a passenger should pay for weight is to weigh both the passenger and his/her luggage together and then decide if they are under or over the weight allowance for each passenger. But no..... this would be too easy or maybe against the 'human rights' of those who are 'weight challenged'.

I miss those days when common sense used to be the norm. Ah well, I'm sure they will never return

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