04 October 2010

UK Visa Fees to increase again soon

The UK Boarder Agency (UKBA) has announced that there will be an increase to immigration and nationality application fees coming the fall of 2010. The increase will affect all those who are looking to visit, study, work or migrate to the UK.

The regulations to set UK visa application fees at or below the cost of processing are subject to negative procedures within the parliament which would have the fees increase from October 1, 2010. If the application fees are set above the processing costs, then this would involve an affirmative parliamentary process, which would then have the increase in fees come into effect starting in November. The latter would be subject to parliamentary timetabling.
The UKBA has stated that the decision to increase the fees will be properly reviewed and managed in order to not only to benefit the UK, but also to help maintain secure border control and to continue the UK's ability to attract tourism and much needed Skilled Workers.

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