19 October 2010

Telenor to close Ukraine office

Sad news that the official closure of Norwegian company Telenor in Ukraine has been announced. The company will close its representative office in Ukraine by the end of 2010.

Sad news for the BBCU in that we loose a client/member and an association with a great team of people.

The Ukraine business community know only too well the long long saga of the conflict between Telenor and 'a Russian company' (I do not want any legal action) concerning the ownership and control of Ukraines largest mobile phone operator - Kyivstar.

Plus the Head of the Telenor Representative office in Ukraine - Mr Trond Moe was well known and active in the business community. I must say that visiting the Telenor office in Kyiv city centre was an example to any so called 'modern thinking' company. They have one of those 'minimalist' offices, where very little paperwork is produced and the design and office furniture is classic 'scandanavian style. The team at Telenor are smart people.

We wish Trond and his team all the best for the future and we also hear that Telenor may offer jobs to those who are interesting in working for Telenor outside Ukraine. Not many companies would do that. Telenor has been and probably always will be a good example of how business is conducted in Norway.

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